Excessive or constant worry

Everyone worries. It is part of being human. We worry about our jobs, our family, our relationships, money, and the future. It might sound funny, but in the right amount, worrying can be highly effective. It can do such things as help us be better prepared for life. For some people, though, worrying gets so overdone and becomes so consuming that it turns into a major problem. Worrying can take up so much space that it leaves little room for anything else. Excessive worry sometimes makes it hard to enjoy relationships, perform at work, and be happy. Around 4 million people in our country have, or some day will have, struggles with excessive worry. The official name used to describe this type of difficulty is Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD.  

At our Center we offer a relatively brief type of cognitive behavioral therapy that has been shown to be effective in treating excessive worry or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. For those already involved in a different type of treatment outside of our Center, this particular therapy may serve as a useful, temporary addition.