Panic Attacks

Over 3 million people in the U.S. have, or one day will have, panic disorder. Panic disorder is the name used to describe the condition where someone has repeated panic attacks. Panic attacks usually happen very suddenly and often feel as if they are "out of the blue." The attacks typically involve intense, overwhelming feelings that are very uncomfortable. Sometimes, and understandably so, people who experience repeated panic attacks start avoiding places or situations out of fear of having a panic attack. Whether or not avoidance is part of the picture, repeated panic attacks can be emotionally draining and make it hard for people to lead the types of lives they would like.  

We offer a type of cognitive behavioral therapy called Panic Control Treatment, which has been shown to be highly effective. It is a relatively short-term treatment that usually requires approximately 10-14 sessions. For clients who are already involved in a different type of therapy in the community, the Panic Control Treatment may be a useful, temporary addition.